The Stormwater South Australia Excellence Awards are fast approaching with the event being held at Adelaide Oval on Friday 10th August 2018. To register to attend follow the link below:

Register Here

Entries are now open to anyone wishing to enter the Stormwater South Australia Stormwater Excellence Awards, 2018!

Full details are provided in the brochure, including entry conditions and details of assessment. In short, if you have been working on a stormwater related project in SA over the previous two years, check you can comply with the conditions and select a category to submit your entry.

pdfStormwater SA Excellence Awards 2018

docxStormwater SA Awards Entry Form

Key Dates
    - 13 July 2018 – Entries CLOSE
    - 10 August 2018 – SA Awards ceremony
    - 10 October 2018 – National Awards Ceremony

The categories are:
    1. Excellence in Strategic or Master Planning
    2. Excellence in Infrastructure
    3. Excellence in Asset Management
    4. Excellence in Research and Innovation
         4A. Student Award
    5. Excellence in Policy or Education
    6. Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design

If you want to get a flavour for previous entries, feel free to review the videos on our Stormwater South Australia YouTube channel.

We look forward to your entries!