Why Membership?

Stormwater South Australia aims to provide the best possible value for our member's annual fees.  The list below provides a "snapshot" of what benefits membership currently provides, but we continually strive to expand these benefits - feel free to make any suggestions via our Contacts page.

  • Receive regular e-mail updates and StormwaterSA Bulletins;
  • Have access to current information on activities within SA and interstate (seminars, workshops, publications);
  • Share information and ideas, and update your professional knowledge;
  • Network with others in the industry;
  • Access information with practical relevance; and
  • Be listed in a database of members' products and services.

Membership Fees:

The current membership fees for the StormwaterSA are as follows:

• Joining fee                $30 (Individual) or $60 (Corporate) (ex GST)(One off Payment)
• Student                     FREE!
• Individual                  $150 (ex GST) per year
• Corporate                 $500 (ex GST) per year (allows for 4 individual memberships)

Membership Forms:

pdfIndividual Membership Form

pdfCorporate Membership Form