Stormwater South Australia invites you to join us on a site visit to the final stages of redevelopment at Breakout Creek, hosted by Bardavcol and Green Adelaide.

Breakout Creek

When: Thursday 8 December 2022 – 4:00 – 7:30pm

Where: Breakout Creek Redevelopment Site – Bardavcol site office, entry off Fawnbrake Crescent, West Beach (refer link below). 


Breakout Creek is being steadily transformed from an artificial channel into a more natural and healthy river system. The Stage 3 redevelopment area stretches from Tapleys Hill Road to the sea, a total of 1.5 kilometres of river and banks.

Stage 3 will create wetlands to capture and clean stormwater from adjacent residential catchments prior to discharge to the river, remove weeds, plant more than 215,000 new native plants and create habitat for a range of aquatic and terrestrial fauna. The redevelopment will also open areas that are currently fenced off, with new opportunities for people to enjoy trails, picnic areas, viewing decks and art.

A hard hat, eye protection, high visibility vest, long pants and sleeves and safety boots are required for entry.

The AGM will follow at the Beachside Restaurant (5 West Beach Road, West Beach), with drinks and nibbles provided.  We hope you can join us to celebrate the end of year and festive season approaching!